How To Last As Long As You Want In Bed...

Today you're going to learn how to last as long as you want in bed. Also we are going to talk about exactly how long women want you to last...

Stamina a funny thing. (actually not funny if you don't have it!)

Many guys think that they need to last for hours and hours while other guys attempt to make up for their premature ejaculation by claiming to have amazing oral and fingering skills.

Let's cut to the chase:

If you are giving your girl orgasms she wants you to last a long time and keep giving her orgasms.

If you can't last long enough to give her an orgasm she is going to record you as pathetic and an inadequate lover, plain and simple.

In another report you discovered how to give a foreplay orgasm.

If you gave your girl a foreplay orgasm and are able to give her penetration orgasms she is going to want you to keep going. It is very simple, when it feels good she wants more. (When it's the best of her life, she can't get enough of it.) If you can't last long enough to give her a penetration orgasms (usually AT LEAST 10 minutes) then she is going to become frustrated and start making up excuses for not having sex.

Lasting longer usually falls into one of either of these categories:

1) Being able to overcome the initial excitement and last longer than the first 30 seconds- 3 minutes

2) Not getting so turned on in the 3-5 minute range that you have no choice but to come

Let's go over each of these separately.

1) Currently lasting only 30 seconds
to 3 minutes or so

Here you are having an issue with excitement. Let's gauge YOUR sexual excitement on a scale of 1-10.

1 - Looking at an ant farm (no sexual arousal..hopefully lol)

4 - Notice a hot chick but your in public (aroused but not much action from Mr. big down there)

7- You start making out with your girl and getting some wood down there

8- You are about to have sex or having sex but you could keep going WITHOUT coming

9- You are going to cum no matter what- an oncoming train could be about to hit you, there is not turning back, you are blowing your load

10- Ejaculation

During sex you want to be hovering right around number 8. The issue you are facing is that you are having sex at 9 INSTEAD of at 8.

Here's what to do:

Actually think about the numbers while you are hooking up for the next few times only. This also works well if you practice while jerking off.

As soon as you hit 8 take 4 deep breathes QUIETLY and slow down your thrusting only slightly. Also, make sure your eyes are open and you are looking at your girl. (when your eyes are closed for many guys it intensifies the stimulation and makes it harder to control yourself)

Now, you can go back to thrusting as usual. Keep repeating this until you are having sex steadily an 8 level of arousal. This is a very common way to get your stamina up BECAUSE IT WORKS. Practice while watching porn. Recognize where you hit the point JUST BEFORE ejaculation is inevitable and then back it back down with the breathes, slower thrusting (or jacking off), and by opening your eyes.


You don't want to put your mind elsewhere but rather to PUT YOUR MIND EXACTLY on what you are doing.

After you have done this 3-5 times wacking off and 5-10 times during sex you should find that you can last at least 2x as long.

Tip: Breath quietly, I've made mistake of breathing loudly in the heat of the moment and it didn't go over well.

No girl wants to fuck a steam engine that is doing weird breathing techniques.

Situation 2: Lasting 3-5 Minutes but certain positions or hard thrusting makes you blow

This is a very common scenario as well. You don't come IMMEDIATELY but certain positions (doggystyle), really hard thrusting, or maybe a really sexy blow job make you come WAY before you want to.

Here is how to remedy this and last as long as you want:

1) Same as above your sexual excitement is peaking a bit too early so....Make foreplay last TWICE as long. This will bring down your level of arousal to the point where you are very hard but not ready to come.

2) Make sure your eyes are totally open and then take a few deep breathes quietly. Again, being more AWARE of your sexual excitement is the answer not trying to distract yourself.

3) Take your weight off of your hands and use standing positions.

By taking the weight off of your hands you remove tension. (a source of cumming too early) Do it by placing your hands palms up under her upper back and shoulders rather than flat on the bed. Make your body hold your weight not your arms.

And by using standing positions you don't have to worry about the thrusting motion carrying you over the edge as you can use your entire BODY to fuck her not just your hips.

Tip: Avoid you standing and her bent over when you try this. That position is very stimulating. (All doggy style is) Give this a try with her on her back and you standing.

Let's recap for a second.

Usually stamina problems are either immediately after penetrating her or prevent you from fucking hard or in doggy style.

Use the above tricks to last much longer. You will find that the longer you are lasting you can combine your stamina with other tactics and techniques to give her multiple orgasms or even a squirting orgasm!

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To superman stamina.

Your host,

Bobby Bradshaw

Your coaches,

Shawna, Tiffany, Krissy, Brynn, Hunter and Jessica

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  4. Thanks for your writing guys!

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  5. Hello Shawna, my name is Nathan and I’m from North Dakota. I’ve been a fan of yours for many years now and this is the reason why. Thank you for continually helping myself and others to improve our relationships and also our lives. Ever since I found your materials my wife and I have gone from having sex maybe once a month to 3 to 4 times a week! It is like we are 20 years old again and has added an entirely new level of excitement to our relationship that I just can’t describe. You are a shining star Shawna and we appreciate you. Our very best to you and we hope to someday repay the favor, Nathan

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